Cracker and marijuana dealer taken in Viale Grimaldi


The Carabinieri of Fontanarossa arrested the 27 year old from Catania, Alfio Palermo, for drug dealing. The young man was addicted to the drug trade and therefore, after some observation services, he had been surprised while giving the narcotic substance to a client in viale Grimaldi 10. At the sight of the carabinieri, he rushed to escape taking the "A" ladder of the building to reach the terrace and then exit from the entrance "B" of the building. But the ploy, unfortunately for him, has been thwarted by the soldiers who have confronted him by handcuffing him. He had with him about 160 grams of marijuana, already divided into doses, some doses of crack and a sum of money of 525 euros and a transceiver with which the drug dealer kept in constant contact with the lookout. Drugs and money have been seized while the arrested person has been placed under house arrest waiting to be judged with the rite by direct route.

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