Covid19 vaccines, 450,569 total administrations in Sicily, another 49,150 doses arrived | BlogSicily

450,569 vaccine doses have been administered to date in Sicily based on the data in the updated report at 15.31 today on people vaccinated against covid19. have already received the double dose except on a national basis

The doses available

But the real news is the arrival of another 49,150 doses on the island. In fact, Sicily now has 575,365 doses of the three different vaccines based on the supplies obtained since the beginning of the vaccination campaign and has administered 78.3%.

Who were given the vaccines

The differentiation by category sees in Sicily the administration of 2,855 vaccine doses to health personnel, which thus reaches 200,542; 3423 to non-medical personnel who work closely with them and who reach a total of 90,340; 1,082 are the doses administered in assisted health residences which reach a total of 26,164. The increase in vaccinations for over 80s is increasingly significant, amounting to 7,184, bringing the total to 68,515

The AstraZeneca doses

On the other hand, 65008 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine administered in Sicily with an increase of over 6,492 doses in 24 hours divided as follows: 24299 were inoculated to law enforcement or civil protection personnel with an increase of 1,378 while 40,709 doses were administered to staff of the teaching or non-teaching school or various capacities employed in education with an increase of 5,114.

How much lack of herd immunity

Despite the proclamations of fast-paced vaccinations, herd immunity still appears a long way off. According to the latest available census, the Italian population at the end of 2020 was 60 million 317 thousand while young people up to 14 years of age are almost 8 and a half million, equal to 13.7% of the population. The people to be vaccinated to obtain 80% coverage are therefore about 41 and a half million and the coverage reached so far is just over 13.6% if we consider only one dose per person given that they receive it in the country there were 5 million 668 thousand and 373 people with a prospect, based on the current vaccination average, of completing the coverage in September 2022 but the average drops just above 4.1% if we consider who also received the second dose. To have obtained full coverage, in fact, up to now in Italy there are 1 million 721 thousand and 194 people but this data is available without the differentiation between regions. For full coverage on two doses, we would have to wait until the end of 2023 at this rate