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  • The vaccination campaign dedicated to the university staff of Palermo continues
  • In collaboration with the city’s Polyclinic, a vaccination center was built on the university campus
  • There are ten vaccination stations dedicated to the weekend

Everything is ready for the V-Days UniPa which will take place at Building 19 of the University Campus in Viale delle Scienze, where a dedicated vaccination center has been created in synergy between AOU Policlinico “Paolo Giaccone” and the University.

The vaccination campaign dedicated to university staff

Tomorrow, Saturday 27 February, starting at 10, and Sunday 28, the vaccination campaign dedicated to university staff identified by the national vaccination plan will continue (professors, researchers, research fellows, contract professors, TAB-technical administrative and librarian staff) to whom the first dose of the Astrazeneca vaccine will be given.

350 employees of the University of Palermo have already been vaccinated

After the start of last weekend, in which the first 350 UniPa employees were vaccinated, who starting from 8 March will be engaged in educational activities in the presence, and therefore invited as a priority to express their desire to be vaccinated, this weekend the vaccination campaign will be addressed with the administration of the vaccine to all the remaining units of personnel “under 65” which will see the specialized doctors of the Clinical Epidemiology Unit with the Cancer Registry of Palermo and the Province directed by prof. Francesco Vitale and the School of Specialization in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine.
The planning of the campaign took into account from the first stages of definition the recent indications provided by AIFA regarding the extension up to 65 years.

In the following months the students will be vaccinated

In the following months, according to the timing provided by the vaccination plan prepared by the competent authorities at national and regional level, the campaign will be extended to the student population.

The second inoculation in May

For this vaccine, consisting of a vector adenovirus, there are two doses as for those with mRNA but the second, unlike the others, will take place three months later. Those who receive the administration in these days, therefore, will carry out the second one in May. Protection is guaranteed 12-15 days after the first dose and is 73% (100% against severe forms of COVID). It rises to 81% after the second dose.

Ten vaccination stations

During the Vax Days UniPa, divided into 12 hours of work a day, with 10 workstations, which will make it possible to achieve a “historic” result for a single Regional vaccination center not belonging to the Provincial Health Authorities: 1000 vaccines administered per day.

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