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  • Almost 600 new positives in 24 hours in the metropolitan area of ​​Palermo
  • Growing trend for weeks
  • 245.9 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants
  • Musumeci and Orlando meet to make the red zone

New cases in the province of Palermo in the last week were 245.9 per 100 thousand inhabitants. This is the data processed by the Statistical Office of the Municipality on the basis of information from the National Department of Civil Protection. The limit beyond which the red zone is automatically triggered to be declared by the President of the Region is 250 cases per 100 thousand. Palermo, therefore, is one step away from the inevitable red zone.

Musumeci ready to sign the ordinance

“In recent days, we have seen an increase in infections in the city of Palermo, with a consequent growing pressure on the intensive care units. The parameters for declaring the “red zone” have not yet been reached but I would not rule out the adoption of the measure, in agreement with the mayor, as a useful preventive measure to avoid the peak of Covid19 positives. The mayor of Palermo can in the meantime, if he deems it, take restrictive initiatives also on the school front ”.

This is said by the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci, after a confrontation this afternoon with the leaders of the regional health department.

The alarm

The alarm was triggered by the contagion recorded in the last 24 hours which is the tip of the iceberg of a growth trend that has been going on for days if not weeks.

In the latest bulletin, the entire province of Palermo registered 597 new cases. A negative record for the metropolitan area of ​​the island capital. This is about two thirds of the overall contagion recorded throughout Sicily where 909 new positives at Covid19 in Sicily were 909 out of 7,561 swabs processed, with an incidence of positives that jumped to 12% due to the few swabs The region becomes sixth for the number of daily infections as for some time now.

A ‘huge’ infection recorded during a day of celebration that adds to the weekly figure and the return to the ode of ambulances in hospitals

Orlando’s answer

The response from Mayor Orlando, once again, was the same. With two letters addressed to the anti Covid19 Commissioner Renato Costa to the ASP manager Daniela Faraoni, to the President of the Region Nello Musumeci and to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza Orlando ‘does he acknowledge that the data are not yet provided?’ and calls for ‘anti-contagion measures to be instituted’.

In fact Orlando argues arguing that the note arrived while showing concern does not provide updated and differentiated data by district and municipality of the Province but shares the idea of ​​restrictive measures to be taken by ordinance tomorrow.

There are no numbers yet but the red zone will almost certainly be declared. It remains to be understood whether it will concern portions of the city of Palermo, the entire capital or the entire metropolitan area

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