Covid19 Sicily, 648 new positives and 583 cured, Palermo at the head of the infections

They are 648 the new cases of Covid 19 registered on the island against 25. 0 59 swabs processed in Sicily. Yesterday the new positives were 640. The incidence rises to 2.6% yesterday it was 2.3%.

The island is in seventh place for infections, in the first there is Lombardy with 1. 930 cases, in the second Veneto with 1. 928 cases, in the third Lazio with 1. 079 cases, in the fourth Emilia Romagna with 1. 055 cases, Campania on the fifth with 983 cases and Friuli Venezia Giulia on the sixth with 660 cases.

The victims, the healed, the current positives

The current positives are 10. 092 with an increase of 59 cases. The healed are 583 while there are 6 victims, which brings the total of deaths to 7. 137.

The situation in hospitals

On the hospital front I am now 386 hospitalized, with 16 hospitalized more than yesterday in intensive care are 36, two less than yesterday.

The situation in the individual provinces

On the contagion front in the individual provinces Palermo with 167 cases, Catania 103, Messina 130, Syracuse 84, Ragusa 28, Trapani 45, Caltanissetta 39, Agrigento 38, Enna, 14.

Protest at the vaccination center of the Civic hospital

Protest this morning at the vaccination center of the Civic hospital of Palermo. The center is now open only for those with reservations. “Yesterday afternoon – explain the employees – a circular arrived in which it is said that we can only vaccinate those who have been booked. Before, we could vaccinate anyone who showed up now we can’t. Only at the Fair can you vaccinate without reservation “. An answer that infuriated the users who showed up this morning at the vaccination center. “On Thursday I came and I was told that I could easily come on Saturday without a reservation – says a man – Now they tell me that I have to go to the Mediterranean Fair to get vaccinated because only those who have booked are vaccinated here. This is absurd. Everywhere we hear that we have to get vaccinated. I introduce myself and they tell me that I can’t do it and that the procedure changes from day to day. A shame”. Healthcare professionals themselves recognize that users are right to protest. “Until yesterday, anyone who came – explain – the health workers – could get vaccinated. We are now open only for those booked. It all changed within a day. They are right to protest “.

After the protest this morning, the Civic hospital center also vaccinated those who had not booked. An exception was made to the circular which arrived yesterday afternoon. As of Monday, it is still unknown whether this will be one of the vaccination centers that will be closed. Compared to other hubs, the Civic hub has always carried out an average of 200 vaccines per day and mainly assisted fragile patients with severe allergy problems. In the case of rare consequences of the vaccine, there were wards and those who were vaccinated could be immediately assisted with an adequate structure. The doctors of the Civic hospital are still waiting for instructions from the Health Department to find out if their work in the area will continue or not from Monday. (ANSA).

Vaccines: hub in the Acireale shopping center

Next Thursday and Friday, 25 and 26 November, from 10 at 18 it will be possible to get vaccinated without reservation in the Ciclope shopping center in Acireale (Catania) with first, second and third doses. The initiative, commissioned by the presidency of the Sicilian Region and the regional health department, is coordinated by the Covid emergency office in Catania. The vaccination point, with doctors and computer scientists, in addition to administering the vaccines, will also provide information. Those who wish can clarify doubts, as well as on the vaccine, also on symptoms, quarantine and green pass. An anamnesis area and a post vaccine waiting area will be set up inside the shopping center.

Covid: study, virus leaves damage especially to the brain

Covid infection leaves damage mainly to the brain and can damage some areas. Indeed, the brain is one of the main ‘targets’ of the SarsCov2 virus. If in the first phase of the disease and during a possible hospitalization the symptoms from Covid – 19 are mainly respiratory and metabolic, once the acute phase has been resolved the ‘aftermaths’ are mainly neurological. This is demonstrated by the data from the COVID Next study of the University of Brescia and the Besta Neurological Institute of Milan, published in the journal Neurological Sciences and discussed during the first Webinar of the international web forum ‘Pills of Psychiatry and Neurology 2021 ‘organized by the University of Brescia and the Menarini International Foundation. These data add to the numerous researches that have observed how post-Covid neurological syndrome can affect up to 70% of patients who had moderate to severe symptoms, leaving memory, concentration, sleep and mood disturbances. Post-Covid neurological difficulties could also partly depend on alterations in brain morphology, as a direct effect of the virus on infected patients who, often, underwent a volume reduction in key areas of the brain.

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