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Covid19 Sicily, 4,566 new cases, 8049 healed, 23 dead in Palermo 1,335 positive

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4,566 new cases of Sicilian Covid19 are registered against 33,690 swabs processed in Sicily.
Yesterday the new positives were 5,796.
The positivity rate drops to 14.8% yesterday it was at 17.1%.

The victims, the healed, the current positives

The island is in seventh place for infections.
The current positives are 183,722 with a decrease of 2895 cases.
The healed are 8,049 while the victims are 23 bringing the total of deaths to 10,208.

The situation in hospitals

On the hospital front there are 1,057 hospitalized with 1 fewer cases than yesterday, in intensive care they are 56, 7 more than yesterday.

The situation in the individual provinces

These are the data of the contagion in the individual provinces of Palermo with 1,335 cases, Catania 791, Messina 931 Syracuse 451, Trapani 529, Ragusa 323, Caltanissetta 262, Agrigento 458, Enna 97.

The data of the last week

In the week from March 28 to April 3, according to the data released by the Dasoe bulletin, a slight decrease in new infections continues to be recorded.
The incidence is 40,331 (-8.49%): the rate of new positives higher than the regional average was recorded in the provinces of Messina (1,238), Trapani (935), Agrigento (909) and Caltanissetta (904).
The age groups most at risk are those between 11 and 13 years (1,325 / 100 thousand inhabitants), 6 and 10 years (1,321) and between 14 and 18 years (1,213).

The new hospitalizations

New hospitalizations are decreasing again and three quarters of patients hospitalized during the week are unvaccinated or with an incomplete vaccination course.
As regards the vaccination campaign, the data refer to the week of March 30 and April 5.
In the 5-11 year range, those vaccinated with at least one dose amounted to 28.01% of the regional target.
In the same age group, 75,320 children (equal to 23.92%) have completed primary school.
Over 12 years vaccinated with at least one dose amounted to 89.94%.
88.64% of the regional target has completed the primary cycle, while 10.06% still remains to be vaccinated.
At the moment there are 850,231 citizens who can carry out the additional administration, but have not yet done so.

The vaccinated are 75.9%

Overall the vaccinated with additional dose / booster are 2,677,722 equal to 75.90% of those entitled.
Since March 1, 1,467 fourth dose administrations have been carried out (to over 12 with marked impairment of the immune response and who have already completed the primary vaccination course with three doses of at least 120 days).
Also since 1 March, there have been 1,912 administrations of Nuvaxovid (Novavax) vaccine.

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