Covid19: in Sicily the precarious workers of the emergency are not all the same, the complaint of the unions

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The extension of the Covid19 state of emergency for the temporary workers of the commissioner structures did not have the same result.
The various health authorities in no particular order have implemented different measures.

This is what the Cimo union denounced in a note.
“The final result was disheartening to say the least, with the Sicilian healthcare companies which, as usual, seem to belong not to regions but to different nations, each ahead in no particular order, with little consistency and no uniformity of behavior – reads Note from Cimo – There are two cases, or the directors general did not follow the council’s input or these were not sufficiently clear “.

And below are the various measures taken by the various general managers.
At the Asp of Cataniathe general manager, Maurizio Lanza, limited himself to not deciding, extending his temporary workers for only 15 days, reducing his working hours and re-calculating his salaries, resolution 546 of 31 March 2022.
On April 16 we will see, there is no shortage of time .

TO Ragusathe general manager Angelo Aliquò decided to take literally the sentence of the council circular highlighted in bold “to guarantee the full operation of the structures identified in the course of an emergency until the date of 31 December 2022” and proceeded to the extension of all contracts up to at the end of the year (resolution 789 of 03.31.2022.

TO Trapanithe strategic management led by commissioner Paolo Zappalà, indicates the deadline of 31 December for the renewal of contracts already in the title of resolution 447 of 30 March 2022.

TO Palermothe general manager ofAsp, Daniela Faraoni, has extended all contracts to 30 June 2022, but reshaping the timetable downwards, contracting it according to the council’s indications that give companies the right to do so.
Today these reductions in the number of hours are contested by the extended emergency commissioner for the Province of Palermo, Renato Costa, according to whom the limit of 20 hours per week is inadequate as is the date of extension to 30 June.

TO Villa Sofia – Cervello of Palermo, the general director Walter Messina, on 31 March approved the resolution (562 of 31.03.2022) with some offices extended to 30 June and others to 31 December, with hours reduced to some administrators and not to others.
All at home instead 12 psychologists, 7 psychotherapists and 3 physiotherapists, warned in the evening not to show up for work the next morning.
Evidently the covid patients of the Cervello Hospital no longer need psychological support or even physical rehabilitation.
About fifty social and health workers were saved, even if only until 30 June.

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