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  • Palermo towards the red zone
  • The statistical parameters of the communication change
  • For the municipality the legal parameters have already been exceeded

The red zone has not yet been declared but the controversy already breaks out and the case on the data between Palermo and the province starts.

The new provisional data

Based on the provisional data transmitted by the commissioner for the Covid19 emergency, in the Municipality of Palermo the number of new positives in the week from March 30 to April 5 is equal to 1763, i.e. 275.2 per 100 thousand inhabitants. Yesterday, with reference to the week from March 28 to April 3, it was 251.3. The processing is by the statistical office of the Municipality of Palermo. The data – says the Municipality – are defined as “provisional” because the weekly report of the commissioner’s office is drawn up on Thursdays.

The League’s concerns

But on the pink zone the controversy has already started and the Lega launches it “The context in which the new” red zone “is maturing for Palermo is unprecedented even compared to the 13 months of suffering and the fight against the pandemic we have all already faced . Because we are talking about a community of over one million people in the metropolitan area of ​​which a substantial portion is at the end. Sealing hundreds of thousands of Palermitans again and for another weeks now on the threshold of psychological and emotional depression and economic and financial disaster is not a decision that can only be made on the basis of algorithms ”says the secretary Nino Minardo.

“Certainly – he continues – if the number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths continues to grow, health countermeasures are necessary but, this time, they will have to be accompanied by extraordinary measures. I have neither heard nor seen any trace of this necessary extraordinariness; in the last few hours we have only witnessed a kind of cautious blame game that doesn’t benefit anyone, least of all the people of Palermo. A tough decision with unpredictable social consequences such as imposing more weeks of red zone in Palermo today must also be agreed with the national government and all institutions must fade the potentially devastating reactions for the aforementioned slice of the population: the Palermo most in difficulty . Personally, I think of allowing openings to production activities where effective controls and distances can be guaranteed, I imagine new and specific refreshments for extreme situations, I take the obligation not to exasperate souls with useless political controversies and I demand that the hypothesis of a ‘other red zone in April for Palermo does not materialize as a mere bureaucratic act but has a different perspective than in the past ”.

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