Covid, who controls the green pass of a caregiver, plumber or electrician who enters the house?

Violetto Gorrasi 27 September 2021 18:19

Share All workers must have the green pass starting from Friday 15 October: the obligation applies to both private individuals and public administration personnel. Who will be without Covid-19 green certification will be considered unjustified absent, with a stop to salary immediately. However, the suspension from the workplace will not be triggered. But what happens to the artisans (plumbers, electricians, etc.), the housekeepers and the carers who enter our homes? When should it be used and who controls the green pass in these specific cases? Green pass caregiver, plumber or electrician: who controls? Palazzo Chigi has published the updated Faq (frequently asked questions) on the government website, answering the questions arising from the approval of the decree that extends the obligation of the green pass to the entire world of work. Let’s see what are the news related to controls and the need to have the green certificate certifying the completion of the anti-covid vaccination process or the execution of a swab (with negative result) within the last 72 hours, starting from self-employed workers . The government clarifies that those who receive a plumber, an electrician, a bricklayer or any other technician in their home for a repair will not have to check if they have the green Covid-19 certificate, as by law “they are not employers but they are purchasing services “. It remains understood, however, that they have the right to request the display of the green pass. The situation is different for home helps and carers. In this case, in fact, “the employer is required to verify that the employee has a green pass”. The green pass for freelancers Even freelancers must show the certification “when they enter public or private workplaces to carry out their work”. They are controlled “by the subjects provided for by decree-law no. 127 of 2021”. However, private individuals should not have control platforms similar to those of schools or public employment. “At the moment there are no similar platforms – says the government -, it will be possible to verify later the feasibility from a technical point of view and possibly modify the Dpcm (decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers) which governs the methods of verification”. Smart working and random checks And we come to the smart working chapter: those who work from home will not have to have the green pass, since the certificate is used to access the workplace. But smart working, clarifies Palazzo Chigi, “cannot be used for the purpose of evading the obligation to have a green pass”. With regard to controls, the government stresses that companies that will carry out random checks on employees will not incur penalties in the event that an inspection by the authorities finds the presence of workers without a green pass, “provided that the checks have been carried out. carried out in compliance with adequate organizational models as required by law decree 127 of 2021 “. The checks will be carried out by the employer who must organize himself by Friday 15 October. For those who do not comply, there is a fine between 400 and one thousand euros. The employee who is caught in the workplace while violating the pass obligation, will instead have a fine between 600 and 1,500 euros. The employers must identify with a formal deed the subjects in charge of the assessment and the contestation for any violations. The operational screening technique will inevitably take into account the company organization and the number of employees. Companies could check the Covid-19 green certification by: traditional electronic attendance detection systems, in their updated version; scanning the QR code using the VerificationC19 ministerial app, installed on a mobile device; sample verification of workers. Verification app C19 The government has clarified that the verification process of Covid-19 green certifications involves the use of the national verification appCheckC19, installed on a mobile device and downloadable for free here, here and here. This application allows you to verify the authenticity and validity of certifications without the need for an internet connection (offline) and without storing personal information on the verifier’s device. The verification takes place as follows: the certification is requested by the verifier to the interested party who shows the relative QR Code (in digital or paper format); VerificationC19 app reads the QR Code, extracts the information and proceeds with the check of the qualified electronic seal; VerificationC19 app applies the rules to verify that the certification is valid; The Verification C19 app graphically shows the verifier the effective validity of the certification as well as the name, surname and date of birth of the holder of the same. Verifiers just need to frame the QR Code of the Covid-19 green certification, which can be shown in paper or digital format, and make sure of the validity and identification data. Fonte

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