Covid, the ASP of Palermo renews the contracts to 861 operators involved in the pandemic

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861 contracts have been extended until next September 30th regarding coordinated and continuous collaborations and freelance professional services relating to the staff employed in the commissioner structure, coordinated by the Covid Palermo emergency commissioner Renato Costa and the one under the Palermo ASP.
The resolution was signed yesterday by Daniela Faraoni, general manager of Asp Palermo.
The expected cost is around 730 thousand euros and the staff, recruited in January 2020, will be employed for 60 hours per month.
Several professional figures involved.
In particular, the Commissarial Structure of the Fiera del Mediterraneo in Palermo includes: 116 administrative assistants, 240 technical assistants IT experts, 30 professional administrative collaborators, 41 professional engineer collaborators, 12 social workers, 15 doctors, 1 civil protection health assistant, 1 nurse, 29 civil protection administrative assistants.
Among the free professional contracts, it also extends for 27 biologists, 49 doctors, 4 psychotherapists and 5 psychologists who deal with tampons.
There are a total of 581 units.
Another 280 units will work in the company structures: 71 administrative assistants, 89 technical assistants IT experts, 15 professional administrative collaborators, 7 professional engineer collaborators, 9 social workers, 10 professional educators, 30 doctors, 10 civil protection prevention technicians, 1 protection assistant civil.
And again, 9 biologists and 1 doctor for tampons, 4 dentists, 10 psychotherapists and 14 psychologists.


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