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Covid, the archbishop of Palermo: yes to processions but caution. Decalogue to the brotherhoods

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Yes to religious processions but with great caution. This is what the archbishop of Palermo Corrado Lorefice wrote to the Confraternities.
“The cessation of the state of emergency does not in fact coincide with a complete overcoming of the pandemic crisis – writes the archbishop – The resurgence of infections, especially in our Island, forces us not to let our guard down and to act with extreme caution and prudence.
If the government protocols no longer provide for the severe restrictions of the past months, this does not mean that we can imprudently return to the habits of the past ».

And here are the directions to follow. On the evening of Holy Thursday, the church celebrates the mystery of the Eucharist, instituted by Christ during the Last Supper: avoid everything that conflicts with the spirit of this celebration and unduly anticipate aspects of the procession de ve.
On Good Friday, the start of the procession is planned in such a way as to give the opportunity to participate earlier, in authorized parishes and churches, in the celebration of the Lord’s Passion.
Likewise, the return is expected no later than 11.30 pm.
The processional path is designed in such a way that it is easy and without sudden deviations.
As far as possible, we limit ourselves to itineraries that fall within the boundaries of the parish territory.
The processional fercoli are decorated with sobriety and decorum.
Do not affix paper money and valuables on them, much less on sacred images.
The animation of the procession remains of fundamental importance.
Only one musical band should be foreseen, (it is really a sign of waste to have more than one!), In order to alternate with the band marches songs and prayers that help the faithful to maintain a spiritual and prayerful atmosphere.
To this end, a good amplification system should be provided to encourage the participation of the faithful in moments of singing, reflection and prayer.
Taking into account the particular moment, great care must still be taken to maintain every hygienic-sanitary precaution, dictated above all by common sense, concludes the decalogue.

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