Covid: positive increases and hospitalizations in Sicily

In the week from 14 to 20 November there was a rise in the epidemic curve in Sicily. The new positives for Covid were 10,839 (+7.65% compared to the previous week) with an incidence of 225.74 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The highest rate of new positives compared to the regional average was recorded in the provinces of Enna (incidence of 251.95 cases), Trapani (251.67) and Catania (250.46). The age groups most at risk were those between 60 and 69 years (incidence of 302.63), between 70 and 79 years (291.85) and between 80 and 89 years (289.34).

In the week under review, new hospitalizations increased and over half of the patients were unvaccinated. This was announced by the health activities department and epidemiological observatory of the Sicilian Region.

As far as the vaccination campaign is concerned, the reference week is from 16 to 22 November. In the 5-11 year age group, 24.82% were vaccinated with at least one dose. On the other hand, 65,846 children have completed the primary vaccination cycle with a percentage of 21.36.

The over 12s vaccinated with at least one dose are 90.86%, while the percentage of those who have completed the primary cycle is equal to 89.51% of the regional target. The vaccinated with the third dose are 2,769,337 equal to 72.37% of those entitled. The fourth doses administered so far since March 1 have been 180,777, of which 163,655 to subjects over 60.

Finally, the Ministry of Health authorized the use of bivalent vaccines for the fifth dose from 23 September to subjects with marked impairment of the immune response. From 17 October the fifth dose can also be administered to over 80s, guests of the RSA and people over 60 with frailty.

The fifth doses administered so far are 2,590. .