Covid, over 10 thousand new infections but Sicily remains yellow: 7 municipalities in Palermo become orange

Andrea Perniciaro

Sicily is saved and remains in the “yellow zone”, despite all the parameters being “orange”. In light of the flow of data from the ISS monitoring, Ministry of Health and Regions, Minister Roberto Speranza has in fact signed the ordinance that will bring Campania in yellow and Valle d’Aosta in orange. All the others remain unchanged. So no color change for the island. Even if according to the data Agenas give an occupation of intensive care to the 18% and of the beds in the ordinary wards at 34%. Plus an incidence of 1. 450 cases on 100 thousand inhabitants. But in the meantime the municipalities in the orange area become 149, and seven are in Palermo.

Meanwhile, according to today’s bulletin, in Sicily there are . 023 new infections on 50. 567 processed swabs, with the positivity rate close to 20%. It’s hard to say if the peak has already been reached, but for the past couple of days – at least the new cases – they seem to be on the decline. Even in hospitals, compared to yesterday, the situation has only slightly worsened: in the ordinary wards there are 1. 307 people (+7), while in intensive care they are 165 (+2) with however 15 new entries. The reported deaths are 21, even if the Region specifies that 6 refer to yesterday, 11 on Wednesdays, one on Tuesday, 2 on 9 and one on 4 January. The healed are just 875, while the actual positives become 159. 593 (+9. 78). The map of infections by province: Palermo 2. 492 , Catania 2. 957, Messina 674, Syracuse 1.0 18, Trapani 458, Agrigento 856, Ragusa ( 724), Caltanissetta 699, Enna 145.

Tasso occupazione Agenas 13 gennaio-2

Why Sicily remains the yellow zone

Meanwhile, the Regions have asked the government not to calculate among the Covid seats occupied who arrives at the hospital with other pathologies and for other non-Covid reasons – trauma, heart attacks, surgical operations – and it turns out only there, at the time of the entrance test, positive . Even if, as Commissioner Renato Costa explains, “at the moment we have not received any ministerial circular, we still consider it very important the possibility of not counting asymptomatic patients hospitalized for other diseases: they are often positives, not Covid patients”.

There are several people in these conditions, for example there are cases of patients in intensive care for road accidents with positive results that are included in the Covid statistics despite not having the symptoms of the virus. “The overall data of these patients could be extrapolated without any problem”, says Costa. From the first estimates, the “cut” would be around 30%. But from the rumors it seems that the Scientific Technical Committee wants to reject this request.

So why has Sicily remained yellow? Most likely, the monitoring took into consideration the values ​​of the previous days when still on the Island the parameters of the admissions did not exceed the threshold of 20% in critical areas and the 30% in non-serious ones.

What is allowed in the yellow and orange zone

They become 149 the municipalities in the orange area, 7 in the Palermo area

Fourteen other Sicilian municipalities in the “orange zone” from Sunday 14 until Wednesday 26 January (inclusive). The ordinance just signed by the President of the Region, Nello Musumeci, on the proposal of the Asoe regional department, provides for this to contain the infections from Coronavirus. Seven of these are in the Palermo area: Borgetto, San Cipirello, Trappeto, Blufi, Petralia Soprana, Altofonte and Villabate. The restrictive anti Covid measures will then be in force in the following territories: Licata nell’Agrigentino; Mazzarino, Niscemi, Mussomeli, Riesi, San Cataldo and Vallelunga Pratameno in the Nisseno area. They thus rise to 149 the Municipalities for which the “orange zone” is currently arranged.

In Sicily variant Omicron al 50, 8%

The Omicron variant is present in eight out of ten Covid cases found in Sicily. In percentage terms, the Omicron variant is detected in the 50, 8% of cases, Delta in the remainder 21,2%. The data emerge from a rapid survey coordinated by the Higher Institute of Health with the support of the Bruno Kessler Foundation and in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces. The investigation involved five laboratories on the island that sequenced 274 samples relating to January 3: (216 Omicron and 34 Delta). The sample requested for the survey was randomly selected from among the positive samples, guaranteeing geographical representativeness and by age groups.

Covid in Italy

Today’s bulletin records 186. 253 cases and 360 deaths. Yesterday the new cases registered in the last ones 24 hours had been 184. 615, with 316 new deaths, according to data from the Ministry of Health. The positivity rate today reaches 16, 4%, compared to 15, 6% reported the previous day. The total number of victims since the beginning of the pandemic rises to 136. 548. The discharged healed in total are 5. 817. 138. There are 1 patients in intensive care. 679, 11 more than yesterday, with 136 daily admissions. Patients with symptoms are 18. 019, 371 more than the day before. There are currently 2 positives in Italy. 398. 828. The total cases since the beginning of the pandemic are 8. 309. 514.

Coronavirus, Friday’s bulletin 14 January 2022

  • New cases: 186. 253
  • Currently positive: 2. 398. 828
  • Deceased: 360
  • Total deceased: 140. 548
  • Discharged / Healed: 5. 817. 138
  • Hospitalized: + 371, t otal 18. 019
  • Admitted to intensive care: + 11, total 1. 679
  • Daily admissions to intensive care: 136
  • Pads: 1. 132. 309
  • Total cases: yesterday 8. 356. 514.