Covid, infections and deaths increase in the Ragusa area: three other women have died

Covid positives and deceased people have increased in the Ragusa area in the last 24 hours. The deaths rise to 259. Three women died at the Giovanni Paolo II hospital in Ragusa: an 83-year-old from Ragusa, a 71-year-old from Pozzallo and an elderly woman from Scicli. The positives also increase; in the Asp bulletin of 9 May they are 1,555: 1,495 in home isolation, 58 hospitalized and 8 in the RSA of the Maria PaternĂ² Arezzo hospital in Ragusa.
Contagions in Vittoria skyrocket: they reach 498 cases with about thirty more positives in 24 hours, still high numbers in Comiso, 277, and Ragusa, 331. This is the detail in the twelve Hyblaean municipalities: 37 Acate, 23 Chiaramonte Gulfi , 277 Comiso, 10 Giarratana, 23 Ispica, 91 Modica, 8 Monterosso, 70 Pozzallo, 331 Ragusa, 62 Santa Croce Camerina, 69 Scicli, 498 Vittoria.

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