Covid in the province: no deaths and a slight decline in positives

No deaths in the province of Ragusa today due to Covid. The number of positive people who have died since the start of the pandemic therefore remains at 222.

As for the positives, there is a decline: a total of 973 (yesterday they were 980), of which 904 are in home isolation, 13 are at the Rsa in Ragusa and 56 hospitalized in Covid wards.

As for the number of swabs, a total of 407,903 were performed.

Data by Municipality:

32 Acate
8 Chiaramonte
128 Comiso
8 Giarratana
11 Ispica
71 Modica
3 Monterosso
37 Pozzallo
254 Ragusa
52 Santa Croce
174 Scicli
126 Victory

There are 54 hospitalized at John Paul II in Ragusa, divided as follows: 25 in infectious diseases (of which 24 resident in the province and 1 outside the province); 14 in the gray area (13 residents in the province and 1 outside the province) and 15 in intensive care (all residents in the province). Al Guzzardi di Vittoria 2 hospitalized in the Covid area (all resident in the province).

8,549 have been healed since the beginning of the pandemic.