Covid, in Sicily 4,952 cases in the last 24 hours: 12 new admissions to intensive care

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The new Covid cases in Sicily are 4,952, out of 29,862 swabs processed.
This is what emerges from the latest bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health.
The positivity rate in the last 24 hours therefore rises from 10.9% to 16.5%.
The current positives drop: they are 186,235 (-1,166).
Sixteen deaths reported today: three refer to yesterday, three deaths date back to March 31, one to 30 while all the others occurred in February.
The total number of victims rises to 10,120, while the healed are 6,724.

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On the hospital front, 973 people are hospitalized in ordinary wards (two more than yesterday).
In intensive care, on the other hand, there are currently 65 patients (four more than yesterday), with 12 new entries.
There are 185,197 patients in home isolation.
The cases by province are distributed as follows: Palermo with 1,502 cases, Catania 813, Messina 784, Syracuse 467, Ragusa 407, Trapani 526, Caltanissetta 308, Agrigento 559, Enna 208.
The total is 5,574 because 622 cases – specifies the Region – are referring to days prior to 1 April 1, even if it is not clear which provinces they were loaded on.

The situation in Italy

Today’s bulletin, Saturday 2 April 2022, records 70,803 new cases of Covid against 477,041 swabs processed and 129 deaths, compared to 74,350 new positive cases (73,195 two days ago) and 154 deaths yesterday.
The positivity rate is 14.8%, a slight increase compared to yesterday’s 14.4%.
The number of ICU admissions is increasing but the drop in ordinary wards: 493 patients are hospitalized in ICU, 17 more than yesterday in the balance between income and expenses.
The daily admissions are 72.
The hospitalized in the ordinary wards are 9,949, or 32 less than yesterday.

The main numbers of the bulletin

Currently positive: 1,277,611
Deaths: 159,666 (+129)
Discharged / Healed: 13,353,529
Hospitalized: 9,949
Admitted to intensive care: 493 (+72)
Buffers: 201.899.959 (+477.041)
Total cases: 14,790,806 (+70,803)

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