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Covid, Fials: emergency management at the Palermo Civic in chaos

Enzo Munafò and Mario Di Salvo report: “Company in trouble”. The replica

PALERMO – After the opening of the beds for assistance to Covid patients already reported to Agenas, Fials reports serious inconvenience caused by the displacement of five nurses from the emergency room.

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“We are witnessing the difficulty with which the company tries to procure health personnel – explain the provincial secretary Fials, Enzo Munafò and the company secretary Mario Di Salvo – while the labor market for these professionals is now saturated, and after proposing fixed-term employment contracts expiring on 31 March 2022, to expire immediately on 31 December 2022 “.

“The climate that has been created within the Arnas Civico by the operators – continues the union – forces them to avoid saying a word about structural deficiencies, the lack of drugs necessary for treatment, protective devices, tampons that are indispensable when outbreaks are ignited in the Department, relegating professionals no longer to an active role in their relationship with the company but even silencing them in company chats, where we have had to assist some workers who have been threatened to initiate disciplinary proceedings, forcing them to compulsory silence “.

The Fials therefore reports that “the complaints of the staff working on the front line bring out the shortage of drugs that are sipped in quantity, if not even missing in the pharmacy, as we are told, even with the lack of 5 cl syringes, replaced with larger syringes and with waste of public money “.


The strategic direction of the Arnas Civico in Palermo replies with a note to the criticisms of the Cisl and Fials unions on the management of the Covid emergency and the movement of nurses from the emergency room to the Covid wards.

“We are governing – we read – a period of extreme care difficulties linked to the mixture of functions to which the hospital is called and to the enormous number of requests. These are emergency measures and, therefore, absolutely temporary. The excited situation of the moment, precisely so that it does not become chaotic, requires measured interventions ad horas ”.

“As early as next week – underlines the hospital company – the situation will return to normal with the arrival of new personnel recruited in the meantime”.

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