Covid emergency does not stop business growth in Sicily

The Covid-19 emergency, which is drawing so many aftermaths at an economic level, has not caused negative numbers to date among Sicilian companies, which, however, continue not to navigate in clear waters. According to the data of ‘Movimprse’ relating to births and mortality, provided by the Studies Office of UnionCamere Sicily, the balance for the second quarter of 2021 remains positive with +3,296, out of a total of 475,736 businesses in Sicily. New registrations totaled 6,286 while terminations totaled 2,990. At the top of the special ranking for registered companies stands Catania, followed by Palermo and Messina, followed by Syracuse. Here are all the data by province: Trapani, registered 47,956 (+415); Palermo registered 100,181 (+853); Messina registered 63,210 (+122); Agrigento 41,114 (+260); Caltanissetta registered 25,646 (+148); Enna registered 15,188 (+122); Catania registered 105,182 (+839); Ragusa registered 37,675 (+258); Syracuse registered 39,584 (+279). The most important growth rate is recorded in Trapani +0.87% , followed by Palermo + 0.86%, Enna + 0.81%, Catania + 0.80%, Syracuse + 0.71%, Syracuse + 0.71%, Ragusa + 0.69%, Agrigento + 0.64%, Caltanissetta + 0.54%, Messina closes +0.19%
“If we think that the growth rate of companies in Italy is 0.74%, the Sicilian figure which is 0.70% can only comfort us by also considering the coronavirus health emergency – observes the president of UnionCamere Sicily Pino Pace -. We can affirm that Sicilian companies despite everything are resisting an unprecedented crisis. 2020 was a very heavy year for the Sicilian economy and even 2021 cannot be said to have been better. We hope not to have to suffer again with other closures “, concludes Pace.
” The growth rate of companies in Sicily is 0.70% while the national average is 0.74% – adds Santa Vaccaro , general secretary of UnionCamere Sicily. The data shows that the most preferred legal form is the joint stock company, with a growth rate of 1.2% with a peak of 1.47% in Trapani. In all the Sicilian provinces, the figure stands in positive ground – he adds – while the growth rate of partnerships in the cities of the island remains low, which in Sicily records an average of 0.14%, the highest figure in Messina. and the lower one in Palermo. The growth rate of sole proprietorships in Sicily is 0.65% with Palermo at +1.06 and Messina at the bottom with -0.31% “, concludes Santa Vaccaro.

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