Covid data19 Sicily, Razza’s lawyer speaks, “no manipulation”

  • The lawyer Enrico Trantino guest of Minutella House.
  • Trantino is the lawyer offormer health councilor Ruggero Razza.
  • The defender took stock of the judicial procedure.

The guest of the 49th episode of Casa Minutella was the lawyer Enrico Trantino, defender of the former health councilor of the Sicilian Region Ruggero Razza, resigned after the storm over Covid-19 data.

Trantino reiterated that “there has been no manipulation. Among other things, the Sicilian Region has always been very rigid in the application of anti Covid-19 measures and in January, on the recommendation of Razza, Musumeci he asked the Hope Minister to apply the red zone in Sicily, despite the RT was not higher than 1.25 but only because the increase in positives made them fear a spread of the epidemic ».

On the subject, then, of the judicial proceedings, Trantino anticipated that there will be a defensive brief in which Razza’s willingness to be heard “for any clarifications will be confirmed”.

«Our goal – explained the lawyer – is to demonstrate the elements through which this macroscopic error should not be perpetrated. The data of the Region have no value for the determination of the epidemiological curve. Instead, the data coming from the peripheral structures that go directly to theHigher Institute of Health without the Region being able to manipulate them. While the data of the Region are transmitted to the Ministry of Health only for statistics », then reiterating that« the role of the Assessor Razza was marginal ».

Finally, Trantino anticipated that yes there will be a press conference but only after “we have talked to the magistrates. In this matter we have a peremptory term of 20 days from receipt of the documents and the GIP must decide on the consistency of the judicial framework. If it were to downsize it, we will have a much more immediate response ».