Covid: Dasoe, cases continue to increase in Sicily PALERMO

PALERMO, 01 DIC For the fifth consecutive week the growth of the regional epidemic curve continues. The incidence, in the week 2228 November, showed an increase of 839 new cases reaching the value of 96 / 100. 000 inhabitants (+ 21, 9%% compared to the previous week) . The provinces with the highest numbers remain Messina (135 / 100. 000 inhabitants, higher than 35% compared to the average), Catania (133 / 100. 000 inhabitants, 33% more than the average) and Syracuse (109 / 100. 000, more than 9% more than the average). These three provinces alone account for over half (57%) of the new cases registered on the island. The bulletin of the Department of health activities and epidemiological observatory says so. The trend of last week has been confirmed, which sees among the subjects most affected by the virus those belonging to the school age groups, and in particular the boys between 11 and 13 years (with an incidence 2.4 times more high compared to the average), between 6 and 10 years (23% risk more) and between 3 and 5 years, says the Dasoe. Despite the increase in infections, however, hospitalizations continue to decline (151), which mainly concern subjects who are not vaccinated or with an incomplete vaccination cycle. Lethality remains stable. On the vaccination front, in the week 2430 November, there was a boom in third doses (+ 81, 76% compared to the previous week) and an increase in the first doses (+ 30, 81% compared to the previous week). Overall the vaccinated with additional dose / booster are 345. 117. (ANSA).