Covid, Catania the wave grows, hospitalizations uphill

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CATANIA – Clocks behind by more than six months: the numbers of the pandemic increasingly resemble those of the beginning of the year, when there was what, at the moment, is recorded as the largest wave since the beginning of the Covid era.
Not for hospitalizations, but for number of infections and incidence, the numbers collected by Dasoe, the Department of health activities and epidemiological observatory of the Region, seem to photograph the same situation of the Christmas holidays, with the virus that circulates a lot.

The situation of infections in Sicily

As always, the pandemic map can be found in the bulletin in which the Dasoe compares, week after week, the presence of the virus among the Sicilian population and the probability for each person to become infected.
In the last week of the survey, that from 4 to 10 July, there were 62,842 new infections in Sicily, an increase of 15,246 people compared to the previous week.
In percentage terms, the positives increased by 32 percent.

To say how much the virus is circulating among the population, and therefore how likely each is to become infected, are the data on the incidence.
In the last week, in Sicily the incidence has grown to 1308 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, with an increase compared to 991 per 100 thousand in the previous week.

Similar figures have not been recorded on the island since January, or from the last major peak of the Coronavirus pandemic.
In the week from 3 to 9 January 2022, for example, the new positives were 70,437, while the incidence was 1455 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The catanese

The province of Catania recorded 13,745 new positives in the last week of the survey, an increase of 2311 cases compared to the previous week of survey.
As a percentage, the extra infections were 20 percent.
The incidence in the Etna province is 1285 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, an increase compared to 1069 per 100,000 inhabitants in the previous week.

Again, the data resemble another phase of the pandemic, that of January.
Also in the week from 3 to 9 January 2022, in fact, the incidence recorded in the Catania area was 1277 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants.
Then the new positives recorded were 13,624, but the growth in new infections from one week to the next had been even greater than today, with percentage differences of 144 percent.


New hospital admissions have continued to rise in the last week: the overall figure for Sicily is 686 new recovered, an increase compared to the 649 of last week.
Catania recorded 146 new hospitalizations: at the moment the total number of hospitalized is 200 people, or 0.53 percent of the current positives.
Among these people, 185 were hospitalized in the medical area and 15 had to be admitted to an intensive care unit: they are 0.04 percent of the total current positives.

Also in this case the numbers are close to those of the beginning of Januarywhen they were a few dozen higher: from 2 to 9 January, in fact, the total number of hospitalized in the Catania area was 254 people, with 224 hospitalized in the medical area and 30 in intensive care.

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