Covid case at Ars and the Assembly dissolves – Sicily

(ANSA) – PALERMO, MAR 26 – A case of Covid, learned during the work of the financial maneuver, forced the president of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, Gianfranco Miccichè, to immediately close the parliamentary session and send everyone home. Miccichè communicated to the Parliament, which had been meeting for ten consecutive days for the examination of the financial maneuver, after having had an interview with the governor Nello Musumeci and with the ARS secretary general, Fabrizio Scimè. The driver of the region’s accountant general contracted the virus. The problem, explained Miccichè, is that the accountant general participated in the meetings with the deputies of the ARS Budget Committee, which examined the maneuver before arriving in the classroom. The general accountant has already done the swab, expects the outcome expected for Tuesday. Furia Miccich: “When I said that it was necessary to vaccinate the deputies precisely because we were about to face the financial maneuver, they took the piss out of me, but it was mathematical that it happened. But we are the caste: first there are the poor, the lawyers, the magistrates. And us? We are the caste of m. But I risk my life “. (HANDLE). (HANDLE).