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Covid: Asp Palermo extends 931 collaboration contracts

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Until June 30th, hours will be reduced from 35 to 20 hours per week

(ANSA) – PALERMO, APRIL 01 – The ASP of Palermo has also decided, at the request of the general manager Daniela Faraoni, the extension to June 30 of the health and administrative staff involved in the Covid emergency.
In total there are 931 administrators, engineers, doctors, biologists, nurses, who up to March 31 were employed 35 hours a week and who from today will work 20 hours a week.
It goes from 140 hours a month to 80.

There are 627 professional figures, with contracts expiring yesterday, employed by the commissioner structure headed by the Covid Palermo emergency commissioner Renato Costa, divided as follows: 121 administrative assistant; 245 technical assistant computer expert; 33 professional administrative collaborator; 43 professional engineer collaborator; 12 professional social worker collaborator; 11 professional educator; 18 medical director; 1 health assistant (civil protection); 1 nurse (civil defense); 30 administrative assistant.
And again: 27 biologists used for swabs, 64 doctors used for swabs; 9 vaccinator doctor; 4 psychotherapist; 5 psychologist.
Altogether there are 627 professional figures.

In addition, other 304 professional figures, assigned to the company structures, divided as follows: 73 administrative assistant, 90 technical assistant IT expert; 15 professional administrative collaborator; 7 collaborator professional engineer; 9 professional social worker collaborator; 10 professional educator; 53 medical director; 12 prevention technician (civil protection); and again, 10 biologists and 2 doctors for swabs; 4 dentist; 10 psychotherapist; 9 psychologist.