Covid and school, 185 positive students in Agrigento

The regional school office provided the data of the contagions and of those vaccinated as of April 19 in the 795 institutes on the island (96% of the total).

Out of 670,434 pupils of schools of all levels, the positives are 3,051 (0.46%). Of the 82,451 teachers, the number of infected people is 457 (0.55%). About 21,103 of the staff Ata, the positives are 126 (0.16%).

As for vaccines, the school staff (not just the teachers) who received at least one dose reaches 72,505 units.

Epidemiological situation in the Province of Agrigento

As regards the schools in the province of Agrigento, as of April 19, 2021 on the basis of the answers sent by 97% of the schools, on 58,734 pupils are 185 those who tested positive for Covid-19, that is 0.31%.

In detail:

out of 20,721 pupils belonging to the school of second degree are 70 the positives;

out of 17,452 students of the primary they tested positive 61;

on 12034 of the school of first degree are 42 covid positive students;

on 8527 ofChildhood I’m 12 children infected with the virus.

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