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Covid and Ponte Corleone, Palermo’s Baby Luna closes

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The Baby Luna in Palermo closes.
The historic bar on the ring road will lower its shutters later 44 years of activity.
First the Covid and now the difficult accessibility to the place due to the works on the Corleone Bridge, have in fact made it impossible to reach the parking lot in front of the snack bar.

The Ge.Co.
srl of the Fiore family delivered the dismissal letters to nine employees for cessation of activity: the financial crisis of recent years which had made the flourishing activity almost a ghost of itself was too heavy.
Tough years for anyone who has a place open to the public but to the difficulties of the pandemic, in recent months (starting from December 2021), a catastrophic road network has been added that has practically closed the only access road to one of the bars that has always been point of reference for the people of Palermo and not only.

Yes, a point of reference, because the Baby Luna, since opening in 1978, is not just a place to have a lunch or a stop but a real meeting place for a convenient appointment before kicking off a trip out of town or for road hauliers who left Palermo before setting off.

“See you at Baby Luna” is a phrase recognized by every Palermo, a fixed appointment for a coffee or to buy cigarettes.
The managers, however, were no longer able to withstand the now irreversible crisis.

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