Covid 19 in the nisseno: 14 new positives, 9 are from Caltanissetta and one death in the last 24 hours – il Fatto Nisseno

In the last 24 hours, in the province of Caltanissetta, 14 patients positive for SARS CoV-2 were found, all in home isolation: 9 patients from Caltanissetta, 3 from Niscemi and 2 from Gela. Hospitalized in ordinary hospitalization: 2 patients from Caltanissetta and 1 from Gela. 1 SARS CoV-2 positive patient from Caltanissetta died. Healed from Covid-19: 19 patients from Gela, 7 from Caltanissetta, 6 from Niscemi and 1 from Milena.