COVID-19. In Sicily 851 new infections, 19 deaths and 1,532 recovered. In Syracuse 73 cases

C.ovid-19. Fluctuating data in the region mark the sixth position in the country in the context of daily infections with 851 new positives out of 25,434 swabs processed, with an incidence close to 3.4%. The network of infections records the following ranking among the provinces: Palermo 236, Catania 199, Messina 81, Syracuse 73, Ragusa 71, Agrigento 69, Caltanissetta 65, Trapani 41, Enna 16. Deaths in the last 24 hours were 19 and bring the total to 5,546.

The number of current positives is 22,630 with a decrease of 700 cases. The healed today are 1,532. In the island’s health facilities there are 1,135 hospitalized, twenty-eight fewer than yesterday, those in intensive care are 140, 2 fewer than yesterday.

COVID-19. In Italy 10,176 infections and 224 deaths

Covid-19 in Italy and around the world, today’s updates and data. According to the bulletin: 10,176 infections and 224 covid deaths, the positivity rate drops to 3%. Hypothesis curfew at 24 and stop quarantine from EU countries. ISS monitoring: national Rt index rises to 0.89. The colors of the regions change: in the orange zone only Valle d’Aosta, Sicily and Sardinia.

All the others are yellow. Rezza: “Situation improving but maximum caution”. Open-air disco and fireworks for the #ioapro night protest in Florence, but also in other Italian cities. The vaccination campaign continues: yesterday there were 505 thousand administrations, exceeding 23 million. EU-Pfizer agreement announced by Von der Leyen: 1.8 billion doses by 2023.

Draghi’s appeal to pharmaceutical companies: “Millions of people die without vaccine”. WHO, green light for Sinopharm Chinese vaccine. Worldwide 155,655,853 infections and 3,252,119 deaths. Draghi: “Vaccines are a common good”. Von der Leyen: “The EU ready to suspend patents”. In India the threshold of 4 thousand deaths per day has been exceeded. London revokes the quarantine upon return from 12 countries, but Italy is excluded. Meanwhile, a curfew hypothesis at 24 and quarantine stop from EU countries.

08 May 2021 | 06:34

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