COVID-19. In Sicily 578 new infections, 21 deaths, 986 recovered. In Syracuse 40 cases

C.ovid-19. The number of infections in the island area remains stable, there are 578 new positives out of 24,570 swabs processed and an incidence just over 2.3%. In the distribution network of infections in the provinces: Palermo: 265, Catania 123, Messina 66, Syracuse 40, Enna 20, Caltanissetta 17, Trapani 17, Agrigento 16 and Ragusa 14. The victims were 21 in the last 24 hours and bring the total to 4,096. The currently positive are 26,597 or 429 fewer cases than yesterday. There are 986 healed. In the island’s health facilities, hospitalizations are decreasing again and now they are 908, 22 fewer than yesterday but, instead, the number of intensive care hospitalizations is rising where now they are 132, or 1 more than yesterday .

Sicily is also today in eleventh place in the number of new daily infections. From Monday 1 March, four regions of Italy will change the risk band, as established by the Ministry of Health in the face of the increase in the RT infectiousness index.

One region will change to red: Basilicata. This is because, within a week, the RT has gone from 1.03 to 1.51. The president of the Region, Vito Bardi, said: “Even if at the moment the pressure on our health facilities remains within limited limits, with 7 places occupied in intensive care, and in the area we have fewer outbreaks of infection, in the last period we have witnessed to a significant increase in the infectiousness index. This is the reason behind the decision of the Ministry of Health to bring Basilicata among the areas of the country where the most restrictive measures are to be applied ».

Three regions move to the orange band: Lombardy, Piedmont and Marche. Attilio Fontana, Lombard governor, said: «The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has just called me to communicate that from next Monday, 1 March, Lombardy will be in the orange band. We take note of the decision, but the time has come for technicians and scientists to study and then tell us in a clear and defined way how to overcome this weekly dripping through stable and safe rules. The scientific information is now there ».

Francesco Acquaroli, president of the Marches, the governor said he was “very sorry for the restrictions that will affect our daily life and all activities”. Addressing the Marche region, Acquaroli recalled that he had fought “on other occasions to ask to allow the carrying out of personal and economic activities, but at this moment we have a duty to stop this phase of resurgence of the virus as soon as possible to protect health and safety of all citizens of the Marche region ».

February 26, 2021 | 07:44

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