Covid-19, contagion alarm in Palermo: two nursery schools closed

covid-19, -alarm-contagion-in-palermo: -two-nurseries-closed

The Covid-19 emergency continues in Palermo and schools are now under observation.

At the Lark nest, in Falsomiele, a parent communicated that he had had contact with people who tested positive while at the Filastrocca nursery, to the Auditor, a municipal employee tested positive.

In both cases, the sanitation procedures were started and the structure was closed, waiting for the ASP to authorize the reopening.

Maximum attention to the world of school and childhood. A few days ago a case concerned an employee of the didactic direction “Alessandra Siragusa” of Pallavicino, where the head teacher and the teachers’ board had already decided to start classes on September 24th.

The employee of the institute communicated that she tested positive for Coronavirus and thus the closure of the complexes and the immediate sanitation took place.