Court of Liberty, the house arrest of the accountant Lo Mauro revoked

The nine-month ban from the exercise of judicial administrator remains

The house arrest of the Palermo accountant Antonio Lo Mauro has been lifted and is under investigation for extortion, because he allegedly forced a tax consultant to deliver him five thousand euros in cash and pay off a debt of another six thousand euros towards a colleague.

This was decided by the court of Liberty chaired by Antonella Pappalardo on the appeal presented by the lawyers of Lo Mauro, Cinzia Calafiore and Massimo Motisi.

New investigations by the financiers of the economic-financial police unit had recently revealed a clear violation by the suspect of the disqualification measure since, despite his resignation from the position of assistant of the National Agency, confiscated assets for the management of the assets of the procedure Buttitta,

Lo Mauro continued to administer the confiscated companies, continuing to hold the position of chairman of the board of directors of Cava Consona srl ​​and Orima Service srl, as well as managing director of the quarry company Giardinello srl and Vallelena srl. For the power of attorney with the continuation of the assignments there was the danger of probative pollution.

Now the Tribunal of Freedom has released the accountant and replaced the precautionary measure in the interdiction of nine of the exercise of the public office of judicial administrator, even as assistant, and the prohibition to exercise, even de facto, entrepreneurial activities as well as to assume management offices of legal entities for a term of nine months. The judges also ruled out the danger of evidence pollution.