Court legitimates appointment of Architecture professor at University of Palermo

Professor Emanuele Palazzotto will remain in office at the University of Palermo. The Tar judges rejected the appeal filed by candidate Michele Sbacchi, who was excluded from the competition commission. In 2016, the University of Palermo announced a selection procedure for a first-tier professorship in the Department of Architectural Design and Urban Planning. For seven years, there have been ongoing appeals. Professor Palazzotto, assisted by lawyers Girolamo Rubino and Giuseppe Impiduglia, questioned the legitimacy of the competition procedure. According to the examination board, Palazzotto was deemed the most suitable candidate for the professorship. Initially, the Cga ordered a reevaluation of the candidates’ profiles. The University of Palermo then annulled the evaluation proceedings and appointed a new examination board, which reevaluated the candidates based on the same criteria. The reevaluation ended with a decree from the university’s rector, confirming Professor Palazzotto as the winner of the competition. This new decree was challenged by Professor Sbacchi. Now, the judges of the Tar’s first section, presided over by Salvatore Veneziano, have confirmed the rector’s decision and upheld the legitimacy of Professor Palazzotto’s appointment.

Università, il Tar legittima la nomina di un professore di Architettura a Palermo

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