Councilor Pennino visiting the Municipal Kennel-

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Municipal Kennel, visit by the Councilor for Social Activities, with responsibility for animal welfare Rosi Pennino, the Municipality, at the first institutional visit, removes the carcasses of the animals, which have been crammed into the cold rooms for months.

Councilor Rosi Pennino visiting the Municipal Kennel.
First measures

It was a scheduled visit, but I wanted to speed it up due to the emergency linked to the presence of animal carcasses, inside the cold rooms.

The meaning was intended to be that of the footprint in harmony with the mayor’s vision: to intervene promptly on problems.

We inherit a multi-problem kennel condition and emergencies must be resolved first of all.

From the issuance permits of the Suap linked to the Scia, so as to also be able to open the currently closed part of the kennel, to the machinery that allows you to carry out on-site radiographs that have been damaged for years, up to the area to be made operational, linked to the walking.

The Administrative Director is missing, a strategic figure to put the Asp functions into a strategic system.

At the Health Presidium there are about seventy dogs of which twenty-five are puppies

At the former slaughterhouse there are 190 dogs.
Out of one hundred eleven cells and 230 places.

Reorganize the structure, make it more efficient, identify its guide, solve its critical issues, put it into a system by sharing paths with the world of associations and voluntary work, strengthening the social action linked to adoption campaigns.

Currently, the overall costs of the structure amount to over one million euros including operating and personnel costs.

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2022-08-06 15:54:00

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