Council of the Circumscription in the square to deal with the problems of the city, Gelarda "Absolute hiding municipal administration" (PHOTO)


Also the League today took part in the council of street of first district in Piazza Garibaldi. Igor gelarda, leader of the League in the municipal council, took the floor
"The constant that has come out of all the interventions of today is the absolute absence of the municipal administration in the territory, and the absence of the mayor also in this assembly – says the leader of the League in the municipal council Igor Gelarda -. On the other hand, how could it be otherwise if Palermo is a city without rules, starting precisely with those that the municipal administration should take. The regulation of the General Markets, the regulation is missing on dehors has expired, the regulation of common goods is missing, we do not have a regulation of street artists and many other things. We are the municipality that holds the record of …

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