Council in the street on violence in the historic center. Debate on and clashes: "Respond from community"


A council in the street, the twelfth, organized inside Villa Garibaldi to say "We are all Roman". A moment organized by all the members of the first constituency to recreate connections between citizens, squaring around the issue of violence in the historic center and expressing solidarity with the German journalist attacked last Saturday in Piazza San Francesco, in front of his partner and his daughter of ten years. His only fault was to ask a motorist to respect the pedestrian precinct and then be hit by his 19-year-old son. Many people who, despite the cold and the first hints of rain, they came together to discuss a current and thorny subject. Different souls with definite opinions that have brought forth a heated debate, the scene of several verbal confrontations.

"I think it is very useful to deal with the issue of violence that has …

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