Corruption, precautionary measures for the mayor of Giardinello and two other suspects

The Carabinieri of Partinico, under delegation from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Palermo, carried out an order of precautionary measures against three suspects (two of whom received the residence ban in the municipality of residence and one of the residence ban in the entire province ). The charges are of corruption for the exercise of the function, material and ideological falsehood committed by public officials, ideological falsehood committed by a private individual in a public act and aggravated fraud against the State.

The investigations, launched in January 2020 and conducted until June last year, with the help of technical interception activities, started from some anomalies found in the treatment of an administrative file and would have made it possible to document the management of public affairs conditioned by presumed patronage logic. The mayor of Giardinello Antonino De Luca is involved in the operation, who, according to the reconstructions of the investigators, would have taken an active role in various criminal episodes, and is the recipient of the ban on staying in the municipality of residence, where, moreover, he exercises the mandate. The other two suspects are a former financier (residence ban in the entire province), already convicted of aiding and abetting the mafia, and a municipal employee (residence ban in the municipality of residence). An agent of the municipal police of the municipality of Giardinello is also involved in the investigation who, however, did not have any precautionary measures.

There are two episodes that ended up at the center of the investigation. In the first, the mayor of Giardinello allegedly instigated the municipal police officer to draw up a false assessment report for registration, to ensure that an acquaintance of his, a former financier and definitively convicted of crimes of aggravated aiding and abetting in favor of the mafia association and disclosure of official secrecy, a request addressed to the surveillance office of the court of Palermo to obtain the remission of a judicial debt for over 200,000 euros was accepted. The former financier would have produced a false certificate of transfer of residence from one municipality to another, and a declaration of the formation of a new family unit with zero income, a circumstance which would have caused damage to the Ministry of Justice, given that it has thanks the practice would have obtained the remission of the debt.

In the second episode, the investigations would have revealed the existence of an alleged corruptive agreement between the mayor and an employee of a neighboring municipality, who would have promised political support from a relative of his, former city councilor in Giardinello, in exchange for the promise the signing of an 18-month agreement with the municipality to which they belong. The agreement would have allowed the municipal employee to carry out extra work hours and then return to the office he/she belongs to with a full-time contract and a consequent salary increase. The prohibition of residence in the municipality of residence was also applied to the alleged corrupter.

In the provision, the investigating judge ordered the preventive seizure aimed at the confiscation of assets for over 200,000 euros.

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