Corruption at the Ast, the Review cancels two measures for temporary agency owners (VIDEO)

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The Palermo review court canceled the precautionary measures against the owners of the temporary agency that provided staff to the AST of Palermo, the company that manages urban public transport.
The appeal presented by the lawyer Donatello Cimadomo and which concerned Giuseppe Telesca and Mario Salbitani, owners of the temporary agency that provided staff to the transport company, was accepted.

The accusations

In particular, the two, following the storm that culminated with the investigation that had led to 16 suspects and 8 disqualification measures, had had the precautionary measure of the ban on contracting with the public administration for 12 months.
Provision that was carried out by the financial police last February 22 for fraud in public supplies.
The same lawyer Cimadomo made it known to Ansa.

The focus of this part of the investigation

At the center of the investigation by the financiers is the Sicilian transport company, with alleged episodes of corruption and scams.
Telesca, 46, and Salbitani, 37, are involved due to circumstances relating to the company “IN.HR Agenzia per il lavoro srl” of Potenza.
According to the first accusatory hypotheses, this temporary agency managed the part of the fixed-term hiring after having won the contract for 6 million euros.
The recruitments, according to the investigators, would have been influenced by logic of a political nature rather than by actual business needs.

The scaffolding of the investigation

Overall, the investigation made several allegations.
The suspects are accused in various ways of corruption for an act contrary to official duties, disturbed freedom of the enchantments, disturbed freedom of the procedure for choosing the contractor, ideological falsehood in public deed, fraud in public supplies and aggravated fraud to the detriment of the State.
One of the suspects went under house arrest and eight recipients of disqualification measures lasting one year, suspension from the exercise of a public office or service and ban on contracting with the public administration.

Investigations by the financial police

According to the investigations of the financial police, the corporate management would have been superficial and privatistic by the top management, who would have violated the rules of public transparency and would have favored some companies, disturbing various procurement procedures such as the purchase of tires, to the detriment of other possible suppliers, the procurement of company buses, through the use of the negotiated procedure and the assignment of the auditing service and the provision of services for the start-up phases of an airline.
The general manager of the Ast is under investigation for corruption for having illegally conferred the role of auditor to a professional, who, in exchange, would have omitted the accounting irregularities by making the financial statements of the public company appear legitimate.

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