Coronavirus, today’s bulletin in Sicily: another 578 new cases and 21 deaths

There are 578 new cases of Coronavirus in Sicily registered in the last 24 hours, a slight decrease compared to yesterday when there were 613. The swabs were 24,570, less than yesterday. The positivity rate remains almost unchanged, just under 2.4%. There are 21 victims in the last 24 hours.

There are currently 26,597 positive people for Covid, of which 777 hospitalized (-23), 132 in intensive care (+1), 25,689 in home isolation. The healed rise to 120,894, deaths also rise to 4,096. At the provincial level, 265 cases were recorded in Palermo, in Catania 123, in Messina 66, in Syracuse 40, in Enna 20, in Caltanissetta 17, in Trapani 17, in Agrigento 16, in Ragusa 14.

On a national level, there is still a growth in positive cases: 20,499 new cases have been registered in the last 24 hours (yesterday there were 19,886 positives). The victims are instead 253, down from 308 yesterday. The 20,499 new positives were recorded against a smaller number of swabs, 325,404, a figure that raises the positivity index to 6.2%. However, 253 deaths fell, yesterday they were 308. 11,714 healed, while the current positives grow by 8,521 to 404,664.

The increase in hospitalized in ordinary wards continues, they are 18,292 (+35), and intensive care is also slightly increasing, with 2,194 hospitalized (+26) and 188 new entries. There are 384,178 people in home isolation. The region with the highest number of new positives is Lombardy (4,557), followed by Emilia-Romagna (2,575) and Campania (2,519).

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