Coronavirus. The situation in Sicily, March 26 2020,


Of these, 1,164 were positive, 170 more than yesterday, while 1,095 people are still infected, +159 compared to yesterday. 414 patients are hospitalized, including 68 in intensive care, while 681 are in home isolation, 36…
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Coronavirus, the bulletin of Sicily

We publish the daily bulletin of the Region Sicily, which as of today does not indicate the number of hospitalized persons by province: This is the picture …, regarding the emergency # Coronavirus , as well as …

Coronavirus: 1,095 positive in Sicily

ANSA, – ROME, MAR 26 – In Sicily 1,095 people were found positive at coronavirus so far, 159 more than yesterday, but with a drop in the trend of inpatients and people in intensive care. This is the picture …

Coronavirus. In Sicily 1095 people infected

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