Coronavirus, the bulletin: in Sicily the descent of the curve continues, hospitalizations are decreasing

There are 851 new cases of Coronavirus in Sicily in the last 24 hours on 25,434 processed swabs (including molecular and rapid tests), with a positive rate of 3.3%. The descent of the curve is confirmed: last Saturday there were 1,000 cases and the positivity rate was 3.7%. There were 19 victims of the virus, while 1,532 healed.

The descent of the shelters continues: there are 26 fewer in the ordinary regimen, for a total of 995 patients. There is also a slight decrease in intensive care, where 140 patients are hospitalized (-2 compared to yesterday). These are the new cases divided by province: Palermo 236, Catania 199, Messina 81, Syracuse 73, Trapani 41, Ragusa 71, Caltanissetta 65, Agrigento 69 and Enna 16.

The epidemic curve in Italy is still decreasing. New cases in 24 hours are 10,176 against 10,554 yesterday, with 10 thousand more swabs, 338,436. The positivity rate is 3%, down from 3.4% a week ago. The deaths are 224 (yesterday 207), for a total of 122,694 victims since the beginning of the epidemic.

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Downhill admissions: intensive care is 42 less (yesterday -55) with 110 admissions on the day (yesterday 109) and now 2,211 in all, while ordinary hospitalizations drop by 532 units (yesterday -536), 15,799 in all. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

The region with the most cases today is Lombardy (+1.584), followed by Campania (+1.415), Lazio (+999), Puglia (+979), Emilia Romagna (+875) and Sicily (+851). Total infections rise to 4,102,921. There was an increase in the healed, 17,394 (yesterday 15,580), for a total of 3,590,107. The currently positives continue to decrease, 7,444 fewer (yesterday -5,238): the current patients are now 390,120. Of these, 372,110 patients are in home isolation.

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