Coronavirus. In the province of Enna on 6 April the positive subjects are just over 540

On 6 April in the province of Enna in the last 24 hours there was a slight increase in the number of positive subjects. I’m 543 patients infected with covid-19, distributed in 18 Municipalities, equal to 0.34% of the population of the province.

In the second wave of the pandemic in the province of Enna they are 97 deceased people.

According to data from the Civil Protection, the infected in the province of Enna since the beginning of the pandemic are 5,098.

The Municipalities of Nissoria and Sperlinga they do not present cases of positive subjects. The Municipalities of Centuripe, Pietraperzia is Regalbuto are red zone.

The current situation in the municipalities of Enna is as follows: Take action 9, Aidone 4, I absorb 10, Barrafranca 15, Calascibetta 30, New Chain 17, Centuripe 66, Cerami 3, Enna 77, Gagliano 1, Leonforte 15, Nicosia 2, Piazza Armerina 31, Pietraperzia 38, Regalbuto 216, Troina 4, Valguarnera 1, Villarosa 4.

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