Coronavirus emergency, “wear a mask”: carabinieri attacked in Agrigento and Raffadali

They are recalled to wear the anti-Covid mask and instead of adapting to the provisions against the infection, they react by attacking the carabinieri. It happened in Agrigento and Raffadali. Two episodes in twenty-four hours that led to as many complaints to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In one case, a soldier from the Arma ended up in the emergency room of the “San Giovanni di Dio” hospital. In the other, in that of Raffadali, furniture and furnishings present in the waiting room of the barracks were damaged, practically destroyed.

Checks and verifications, by the carabinieri of the internal provincial command of Agrigento, to ensure that all anti-Covid indications are respected, will naturally go ahead. There are now hundreds of penalties – from 400 euros each – high since the health emergency broke out, but not only. In fact, there are many commercial establishments that have been temporarily closed for 5 days or 30 in the event of repeat offenders to violations.

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