Coronavirus: Confcommercio Sicilia, insufficient support

«The companies in the service sector are facing an extreme situation: completely insufficient support and, in the light of the new decree, prospects of reopening a mirage. On the other hand, progressive and safe reopening is needed immediately. Above all, before it is too late, we need the long-awaited turning point of the Draghi government that is not yet seen ». This was stated by the regional president Confcommercio Sicilia, Gianluca Manenti, to affirm it emphasizing, in particular, that the “latest measures of the national government are not enough”.

«We expected – continues Manenti – a decisive change of pace that did not take place. The resources are completely insufficient and the safe reopening of the activities is still a mirage. Good that the mechanism of Ateco codes, however, following our request, but the number of beneficiaries is very large and the average compensation is just 3,700 euros. A figure that does not take into account the drama of the situation starting from the impact on the service sector of a collapse in consumption. First of all – continues Manenti – we ask that the evident economic and social unsustainability of the use of closures be acknowledged. It is necessary to focus on taking off the vaccination campaign and doing everything to allow for safe reopening. Associations and companies are ready to do their part: all and to the end. In any case, the choices made must be explained. Also because we continue to not understand, for example, why restaurants cannot work while maintaining safety distances and health protocols. Or why the clothing stores are not included among the essential activities, and that they risk missing yet another decisive season for the continuation of the activities. We need more adequate, more inclusive and more timely compensation »And we also need« the extension of the moratorium on bank loans expiring in June, as well as the lengthening of the repayment terms of bank loans backed by public guarantees to no less than 15 years. Again, much broader tax moratoriums. IS it is necessary to intervene on the Tari: a real absurdity given that companies must continue to pay this tax even if they are closed and do not produce waste. And then the crux of the rents for commercial properties: the tax credit must be re-proposed and the reduction in rents must also be incentivized for tax purposes “, he concludes. (HANDLE).

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