Coronavirus, 1,200 new infected in Sicily: Catania +327

Editorial team 04 September 2021 18:48

There are 1,200 new cases of Coronavirus registered in Sicily in the last 24 hours out of a total of 18,260 swabs processed. The positivity rate thus rises from 6.1% to 6.6%. These are some of the salient data of the usual bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health, which sees the island in first place in Italy for the number of daily infected. Catania is the city with the highest number of infections: 327 in a single day. Today’s data marks a slight increase in hospital admissions: 848 patients are in the Covid medical area (6 more than yesterday); while in intensive care there are 117 ( 2). The number of new entrants to resuscitation is still high: 12, exactly like yesterday. The current positives are 28,285 ( 155 cases), of which 27,320 in mandatory home isolation. They amount to 1,023 new healed. The additional 22 victims reported today bring the total number of deaths to 6,435. As usual, however, these are deaths mostly occurred in recent days: 7 on 3 September, 11 on 2 September, one on 22 August, one on 20 August, one on 12 August and one today. This instead is the subdivision by province of the new cases: Catania 327, Messina 246, Palermo 219, Trapani 119, Syracuse 99, Caltanissetta 65, Ragusa 55, Agrigento 39, Enna 31.

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