Corleone youth injured in scooter accident plans to sue the Municipality

This article discusses the “grattascarponi”, iron or cast iron blades that were used as shoe scrapers in front of houses and buildings in the past. They were used by farmers or residents to clean their shoes before entering their homes. These objects are now considered relics of a bygone era and a peasant culture that no longer exists. However, they can be dangerous if placed in the middle of a sidewalk, as a young man from Corleone experienced. He had an accident while riding his scooter and crashed into one of these shoe scrapers, resulting in serious injuries. Despite seeking compensation from the local government for the damages, he has received no response. The young man and his lawyer have filed a complaint against the municipality and are now considering legal action to claim their rights. Photos provided by the legal firm show the poor condition of the road and the shoe scraper on the sidewalk.

Corleone, giovane cade con lo scooter e si ferisce sul «battitacco» sporgente di un marciapiede: farà causa al Comune

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