Corleone, the restoration of the ancient Bourbon drinking trough of Ficuzza is under way

The restoration of the ancient Bourbon drinking trough in Ficuzza and the redevelopment of the surrounding area are under way. The works were delivered to Impresa Amato Costruzioni Srl of Alcamo which won them with an auction-based discount of 28.688%. The Ficuzza trough dates back to the 19th century but is currently in a state of decay. The interventions (for a total sum of 199,987.86 euros) consist in the recovery and conservative rehabilitation of the Bourbon trough and the surrounding area, making them an integral part of the Ficuzza tourist offer, creating new representative routes of the period of maximum splendor of the township. Furthermore, the asphalt will be removed and replaced with cobblestones characterized by geometric designs and a new lighting system will be built to highlight the beauty of the building. The Municipality of Corleone participated in the public tender measure 19.2, sub-measure 7.6, of the PSR Sicilia 2014-2020 Gal Terre Normanne, aimed at supporting the maintenance and restoration of the cultural and natural heritage of the villages, the rural landscape and high-value sites naturalistic, obtaining the financing of the work. Furthermore, this measure aims to raise the attractiveness of rural areas, intervening on a greater and better usability of the various elements of the rural heritage, through their protection and redevelopment.

“Finally – declare the mayor of Corleone Nicolò Nicolosi and the councilor for public works Salvatore Schillaci – another long-awaited and important work starts which testifies to the attention that this Administration has for the village of Ficuzza, a pearl of naturalistic and historical beauty that with utmost attention. The scenic beauty, combined with the splendor of the Real Casina di Caccia from the Bourbon era, make it one of our flagships and, thanks to this new intervention, it will be even more so. Thanks to the leaders of the Gal Terre Normanne, always attentive to our territory”.

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