Corleone: 3,500 people gather in Ficuzza for La Domenica Favorita

The first event of “La Domenica Favorita” in Ficuzza’s forest was a success with 3,500 participants. This cultural, recreational, and sporting event format that started in Favorita Park has now expanded to Corleone. Families from all over the province attended the event, which included activities such as walks in the woods, games for children, the setting up of “Pompieropoli” (a pretend firefighter town), the Dog Village, and guided tours of the Real Casina di Caccia. The event also featured the release of injured raptors by the Lipu association and the Cites Carabinieri unit, as well as health screenings, oncological screenings, and vaccinations provided by the Asp health and wellness area. Coldiretti also had a stand where visitors could taste olive oil. The mayor of Corleone expressed appreciation for organizing the event in Ficuzza’s forest, while the mayor of the metropolitan city of Palermo praised the collaboration between institutions and civil society. “La Domenica Favorita” will return to Palermo’s Favorita Park for its last event on November 5th.

Corleone, 3.500 persone a Ficuzza per La Domenica Favorita

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