‘Corazon’ is the song by Ferrigno from Palermo in collaboration with Nicky Jam

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PALERMO – Corazon is the new track of “Future Kids” to be released on 24 June ’22 on Sony Music Italia / Blanco Y Negro.
A track as particular as it is innovative, which mixes artists and genres with Reggaeton, Pop, Commercial and Rap sounds by singer Nicky Jam, of which the featuring boasts.

Corazon will be released in double version: Original on 24/06 and in Official Remix on the last Friday of July, the latter version curated by DJ / producer Javi Guzman and singer Frances Leone.
A track with a very blunt and strong melody, with four different vowels divided between Original and Official Remix with changes of language and voices (English / Spanish and male / female).
Corazon is particularly appropriate for radio broadcasting and on spotify.
It lends itself well to the early evening and to be used to remix or mash up with stronger and heavier songs.
This is a track that anticipates the summer and that will lead to the dance floors of this fantastic season.

Corazon is a different song from many Pop and Reggaeton songs published to date and thanks to the production work carried out in multitasting by the DJs / producers / singers / musicians, who have joined the project: Jean Marie, Remo Giugni, Aloisi, Blondex, Davemax, Dosschy, Ferrigno, Frances Leone, Javi Guzman, JJ Faro, Joe Bertè, JP Sax, Markhese, Mirko Alimenti, Mr.
Scarybox, Niko Marke, Nikos D, Raxx, Red Death, Replay M, Swiez, The Romy.

Future Kids is a recording project conceived by Jean MarieDj / Producer and Ancestrale A&M to encourage with the contribution of various professionals, specifically DJs, producers, singers, songwriters and production studios, through the creation of a new song, Corazon, a fundraising aimed at supporting the Ukrainian population.

“We strongly believe that innovation in the world of music is necessary to take our work and our products to a higher level and to diversify them from all the songs published in the previous months by other artists”.

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