Copper thefts, 3 investigated throughout Sicily in the first "Red Gold" operation


134 people have been identified and 3 those investigated in a state of freedom following the 51 checks carried out by the women and men of the Sicilian Railway Police during the 1st "Red Gold" Operation in 2020. The activity to combat the thefts of copper, in the railway sector, and the receiving of expensive metal involved not only targeted railway sections in which, in the past, critical issues have occurred, also 14 scrapping sites.

In particular in Catania the Polfer of Taormina an area used as a mechanical workshop located in the municipality of Mascali where, even if copper of illicit origin was not found, 92 car carcasses and parts disassembled of them were identified. The investigations revealed that the owner of the company, a 71-year-old from Giarre, had no authorization for waste management and, therefore, was reported to the Judicial Authority. Same fate for two other people from Catania, this time two women of 35 and 36 years of age who, following the development of investigations relating to an unauthorized landfill seized a few months ago always by the Catania Railway Police, were notified of a report in a state of freedom.

Finally, ad Agrigento the "Red Gold" Operation on the other hand, it coincided with the opening of the seals by Polfer, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, of an area previously seized in order to allow its reclamation.

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