CoopStartup opens doors for young entrepreneurs in Sicily: “Scholarships for the best ideas”

A call to expand and create new cooperatives in Sicily and launch a new generation of young entrepreneurs has been launched by Coopfond, the mutual fund of Legacoop. Through the CoopStartup initiative, young Sicilian entrepreneurs will be supported and introduced to a training program, with the best ideas and projects awarded a 5,000 euro scholarship to start their project. The aim is to stimulate and finance the establishment of new cooperatives led by young people with a focus on innovation and sustainability. This initiative seeks to retain and attract the minds of young Sicilians, who are now the most educated entrepreneurial class in the region. The University of Palermo and Unicredit will partner with the initiative to provide tools and knowledge to face the challenges of the market. The goal is to create opportunities and provide support and infrastructure for the younger generation to thrive and express themselves. The call for applications is open until January 30th.

Imprese, il bando CoopStartup apre le porte ai giovani in Sicilia: «Borsa di studio per le idee migliori»

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