Controversy over Report: Councilor Albano daughter of a boss: “My father died when I was 10 years old”

Controversy has erupted around Nuccia Albano, regional councilor for the Family, after the program Report published an interview on its Facebook profile revealing that Albano’s father, Domenico Albano, was convicted for mafia-related crimes. Ismaele La Vardera, a regional deputy for Sud chiama Nord and vice-president of the regional anti-mafia commission, expressed concern over Albano’s appointment, highlighting that she was recommended by Totò Cuffaro, who himself was convicted for mafia activities. La Vardera believes that the sins of the fathers should not be passed on to the children and acknowledges Albano’s important career and history, including being the first female forensic doctor and participating in the autopsies of Giovanni Falcone and Libero Grassi. However, he questions why this information was kept hidden and whether Cuffaro and Renato Schifani, another politician, were aware of Albano’s family background. La Vardera concludes by urging Albano to distance herself from the mafia, especially her father. In response, Albano states that she was “violated” by a Report journalist who bombarded her with questions about her father while she was attending an anti-mafia commission meeting. Albano explains that she only learned about her father’s legal issues after becoming an adult and remembers him fondly as a loving parent. She emphasizes her upbringing focused on justice and legality and highlights her role as a mother, grandmother, and professional in demonstrating her commitment to duty and lawfulness. Albano expresses sadness that her family history has been brought up but asserts that her love for her father cannot be erased.

Polemica su Report, l’assessore Albano figlia di un boss: «Mio padre è morto quando avevo 10 anni»

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